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Commercial and Public Service Buildings in Iowa and Illinois

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Public Service Buildings in Iowa & Illinois

Public service buildings are taking up more and more of the new commercial building share as the demand for more office space increases. Greiner Buildings, a leading company when it comes to steel frame and pole buildings, can provide you with the highest quality design and construction services for your new public service building. Our team offers expert advising to help you determine your unique business needs.

Here at Greiner, we take pride in our dilligence and the high quality of our work. Our reputation is displayed in the National Frame Builders Association third place in the commercial and industrial division, which Greiner earned in March of 2015 and in the first place awards in both the home residence and agricultural workshop divisions.

Post Frame Construction for Public Service Buildings in Iowa & Illinois

Post frame buildings are a good choice for many different reasons. The manner in which these buildings are constructed offers a lot of structural support in the frame. This is achieved by mounting the vertical posts onto the foundation or burying them in the ground and by stationing the horizontal poles across the whole structure.

Another great reason to choose our post frame buildings is that the poles are made of wood, a renewable, environmentally-friendly resource. We ensure that the wooden support beams used for each structure are large enough to sustain the appropriate amount of weight and stress, reducing the number of individual materials and labor needed. This helps to cut down on your construction costs, especially given that wood is typically less expensive than other traditional building materials like steel and brick.

Lastly, post frame buildings offer a great amount of versatility and creative freedom. Post frame buildings can be used for nearly any type of space after they have been built, making them a great choice for workspaces like offices, conference centers, or other public service buildings. The frame of the building is erected relatively quickly, allowing you to get back to work sooner. Then, multiple features can be added on later, like doors, windows, decks, porches, and various other kinds of building extensions.

Consider choosing Greiner Buildings to build your public sector building and office space. Our team provides the customized solutions and high-quality work that you can put your trust in.

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