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SHOME®: Shop + Home

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Iowa Metal Pole Buildings by Greiner Buildings

SHOME®: A Unique Way of Living
Do you spend countless hours in your workshop? If you are wanting a venue to be able to work in without being away from your family, a SHOME® is exactly what you need!

As a fully insulated and temperature controlled workspace with a custom residential living quarters, a SHOME® is the number one solution for modern country living. With a SHOME®, you will benefit from the durability of a post frame building while enjoying the beauty of a custom designed home!

Benefits of a SHOME®:


Large, clear span ceilings give customers the flexibility to create an open floor plan without load bearing walls. A SHOME® can span up to 100’ wide providing virtual limitless opportunities for lofts, balconies, second levels or just an open feel to your design.


Post frame construction offers great energy efficiency with thicker wall cavities allowing for more insulation. Fiberglass blanket or closed cell spray foam are both great options to consider. Our fiberglass batts are 8’ wide to minimize seams and gaps, while closed cell spray foam seals the building envelope and can add to structural integrity.


For some people, a shop is their life. Build the shop of your dreams and work from the comfort of your home. The SHOME® is known for its large storage options, which can spaciously accommodate your RV, boat, equipment or hobby collections.


A SHOME® offers our customers an efficient and unique way of life. Some prefer larger shops with a more modest living area, while others prefer the luxury of larger living quarters with a smaller shop. Some prefer both! At Greiner Buildings we enjoy hearing what our customer’s goals are, as well as their uses for the property. Whether you are sizing up or sizing down, we have ideas and options for you.

SHOME® Wins 2016 Residential 1st place Award

In 2016, Greiner Buildings won the Residential 1st place award with one of our SHOME buildings.

SHOME® Wins 2014 Building Of The Year Award

In 2014, Greiner Buildings won the Building Of The Year Award for residential homes with one of our SHOME® buildings. We show this project to new customers frequently, and it never fails to impress. With the perfect combination of living space, exterior leisure space, shop space, and storage space, the SHOME® is truly the number one trendsetting structure on the market today.

Build a SHOME® of Your Own!

If you are interested in learning more about building your very own SHOME®, give Greiner Buildings a call today. We will go through the entire process with you from start to finish. Our professional design team is able to create 2D and 3D CAD Designs so that you can customize your dream SHOME® before the construction even begins. The SHOME® is the perfect combination of pole barn with living quarters. Call us today to find out more about this structure that the entire Midwest is raving about!

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